Neck & Back Pain Treatments

A common cause of acute back or neck pain is muscle injury. Muscle fibres will often stretch too far and may even tear. Muscle injuries are often caused by overuse, from heavy lifting for example or repetitive actions that put stress on the back or neck muscles.

Neck & Back Pain

The weight of the head in considerable, about one tenth of the entire body weight and the neck must be strong enough to support it.

However in the neck, the required flexibility has been gained at the expense of some strength.

This is why the mid to lower cervical vertebrae may lock and cause pain and restriction. This, if left untreated, may lead to degeneration. The problem can be diagnosed by physical palpation in which tenderness can be elicited as well as movement restriction. X-rays will often show narrowing of the discs between the vertebrae. Then there is less support for the intervertebrae joints which may then show deterioration and invasion of foramina (gaps) between the vertebrae from which the nerves emerge.

These situations may quickly become chronic and need both manipulative and laser/acupuncture treatments. Management of these syndromes is also important. Supplementary vitamins and/or glucosamine plus neck support at night is also recommended. Sleeping position and correct pillows is also a factor here.

If nerve pressure worsens then arm pain is the result. Possibly also numbness and tingling. One or more nerve roots may then be involved but the treatment is fundamentally as for neck pain. However, clearly the treatment time is longer.

In the low back the joints between the lowest lumber vertebrae and the sacrum have a poor weight-bearing ability. This puts an extra strain on ligaments, muscles and the joints themselves. This is why the majority of low back complaints are in this area.

Bending, twisting and weight-bearing all add an unnatural strain on the low back of the upright human being. Animals, quadrupeds on all fours have a much easier time, for weight distribution is far more even throughout the whole body. They avoid the enormous strain suffered by humans who impose an unnatural weight load on the lower body. The verterbrae of soft tissues in this area cannot always stand up to this.

Overuse may lead to deteroriation of joints and jamming or locking may occur, particularly at the very base of the spine - the lower lumbar joint. Soft tissue strains - particularly ligamentous - may also result as may straightforward muscle spasm.

Pain lower, in the pelvis itself, gluteal muscle spasm and/or sacro-iliac ligament strain are another possibility. Pelvic rotation and even sacro-iliac 'locking' may occur and need the attention of an experienced practitioner.

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