Tendon Strains

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Tendon Strain Treatment

Tendons are bands of connective tissue varying in length and width which connect muscles to bone. They have no blood supply and obtain their nutrition by osmosis (absorption) from local tissue fluids. As such when strained or torn, they take time to repair and heal.

The quality of tendon tissue can vary from person to person depending upon genetics and lifestyle. This is why some people are more prone to injury than others and can take longer to heal.

Most tendon injuries occur near the the peripheral joints - shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles. Sports injuries occur in these zones as do other day-to-day injuries.

Rest is important but active treatment such as manipulation and/or acupuncture and laser will often speed up treatment time markedly. Dietary supplements such as vitamin C, Glucosamine etc. are also often helpful.

Sports injuries cover a wide spectrum from simple ligament strains to outright fractures.

The most frequent category is that of muscle strains which can affect almost every section of the body. These are easier to teat before they become chronic, leading to muscle shortening.

Tendon strains are more difficult for the osteopath and take longer; as with ligaments they have no blood supply and quickly become chronic.

Discs and cartlidge are also subject to strain particularly in the knee joint.

Fractures are usually dealt with orthodox procedures. However low-level laser treatment will speed up the healing time consistently.

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