Ligament Strains

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Ligament Strain Treatment

Ligaments are narrow bands of connective tissue composed of collagen fibre which connect bone to bone. Like tendons they have no blood supply and healing is often slow. Again, as with tendons, the peripheral joints are usually the main target areas. Sports injuries around the knee and ankle joints are particularly often encountered.

Most people have heard of posterior and anterior cruciate ligament injuries of the ankle joint. Here surgery is often, althought not by any means, the only answer. Medial and latoral ligament strains of the knee joint are more commonly encountered (rotational strains often cause this in footballers and golfers).

The ankle joint (collatoral ligament) is another frequently unreliable area. We should also not forget the intervertebral ligaments throughout the spine.

All these ligament strains are helped by manipulative, acupuncture and laser treatment. The practitioner will advise about this.

Frequently the patient will find one or other ligament strain treatment will suit him or her better. There is no hard and fast rule.

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