Low Level Laser Therapy for Skin Lesions

Laser will assist the healing of many skin conditions. For allergic problems, acupuncture is a better treatment choice.

Low Level Laser Therapy for Skin Lesions

Low level Laser therapy is a non-invasive therapy that can be used to repair and regenerate skin cells. The laser treatment can reduce the need for medication as well as improve the outcomes for skin conditions treated. It can also increase the recovery rates of affected tissues.

During laser/light therapy, a low-level laser, usually red, is applied to the lesion. The laser transmits photons about three inches into the skin. Mitochondria in the skin membranes absorb the red laser light, causing an increase of adenosine triphosphate levels, leading to an increase in healthy cell production. The process also promotes healing by increasing production of collagen, enzymes and cell growth. The increased collagen production helps prevent scar tissue from forming.

Some of the benefits of low level laser therapy for skin lesions include:

  • The process increases energy for cells in the affected area
  • Blood circulation is increased in the treatment area
  • Laser promotes collagen for new skin production
  • Pain medication is normally reduced following treatment
  • Can lead to increased lymphatic drainage which in turn leads to to reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Increase immune and healing response

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