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John Hamblett registered osteopath 01202 549123
John Hamblett
MA(Oxon) , DO., M.B.Ac.C

John Hamblett is a registered Osteopath practising in Bournemouth, Dorset

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John Hamblett - Osteopath in Dorset


Osteopathy is a method of manual treatment in which the hands are used to investigate the underlying causes of pain and to carry out treatment using a variety of manipulative techniques. Those may include muscle and connective tissue techniques.

They may include muscle and connective tissue stretching, rhythmic joint movements or thrust techniques to improve the range of movement in a joint. Gentle releasing techniques are often used, particularly when treating children & elderly patients.

What do Osteopaths treat ?

A wide range of physical conditions are well suited to Osteopathic treatment such as :

Slipped disc, Arthritis, Low back pain, Sciatica, Neck pain, Frozen shoulder, Tension Headaches , Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot pain, Sports Injuries, Tennis Elbow & Migraines

Length of Treatments

The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient. For example, some low back conditions need only two to three treatments while others may take six or more. Degenerative conditions such as osteo-arthritis or repetitive strain problems may require regular treatment at monthly or quarterly intervals. Some patients may require appropriate exercise therapy.

In some cases further investigations may be necessary such as x-ray. This allow a more accurate understanding of the cause of pain.

Osteopathic Qualifications

All osteopaths have a recognised degree involving 4/5 years of full- time training. All are registered with the GOSC and follow a strict code of professional conduct.

I am also a member of the British Osteopathic Association

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