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John Hamblett
MA(Oxon) , DO., M.B.Ac.S.

Dr Hamblett has a diploma in Osteopathy & Chiropractic.
He is also a member of the Medical Acupuncture Society.

 Back & neck pain
 Migraine headaches
 Addiction, particularly smoking
 Allergies, such as hayfever
 Tennis elbow, frozen shoulder

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Allergy Testing
 A wide range of food
   allergies are detected by the
   Vega method
John Hamblett
MA (Oxon), DO., M.B Ac. C

55 Howard Road
Queens Park
Back & Neck Pain

 Musculo-skeletal disorders,
   esp. low back & neck pain

 Sports injuries, particularly
   ligament & tendon strains


Low level Laser Therapy
 Hair loss
 Skin Lesions
 Needle-less acupuncture

Contact us at:
Tel: 01202 549123

Debit / Credit Cards Accepted

Registered with Bupa, HSA, PPP etc.

 Resolve offer advanced laser skin treatments for permanent
hair removal, wrinkle reduction, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, sun damaged skin & acne clearance for men and women.
Hair Loss Therapy
For the treatment of
 Premature Balding
 Hormonal Problems

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